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The teaser is now offline.

The teaser is now not available anymore. It was decided before and part of the plan. To release it on the day six months after my son died and also to take it down on July 20 and that because of the numbers of course.
Next trailer with the duration of 7,2 hours will be presented in 2016.
Between July 4 and July 20 the 72 minute teaser had 1,546,167 loads and 281.330 plays.

There will be more things happening all the time and I will report on the films progress so check in here.

Also don’t forget that the only thing that will remain from the film after it has been screened and deleted are the prints. They will be the only physical remains and since they are limited to a 100 each month they will be rare. I you haven’t seen them take a look here. SHOP.

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