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Media buzz for Ambiancé.

I wasn’t prepared for this at all. I shared the 72 minute teaser on July 4th as a way for me to honor my son ”André” who was found dead 6 months earlier on that day only 21 years old from a drug overdose.
The teaser is what a teaser is supposed to be. Fragments, snippets taken out of context and put together to promote the film.  All this fragments I selected relates to him in every way and thats why I chose them. I didn’t have a master plan/marketing plan or anything. So what happened is still very hard to grasp. If i where smart I would have a bunch of people working for me and  giving me advice on how to react to whats happening and how I could use this to get me .. what.? Have no idea. I don’t need anything. I’m quite happy to keep working on my little project and thats what I will do.
Below is a few articles about the teaser.
I would like to collect them so if you have seen anything in your country that I have missed please let me know.


    • Anders on 14 juli, 2014

      Thank you so much for the link and the encouragement.

  • Guido Sprenger on 14 juli, 2014

    Never heard of you before, but I was thrilled by the concept of Ambiancé and stunned by the beauty of the teaser, when I saw it at I posted a glowing comment there, as I couldn’t bear the other two commentators. Good luck!

    • Anders on 14 juli, 2014

      Hello Guido,
      Thank you so much for writing here by also for showing me support. I’m flattered by your beautiful words. May I repost it here?
      from Sweden with love

    • Anders on 17 juli, 2014


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