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Press coverage so far.

This is a couple of links to places that have written about the trailer in the last couple of days.’!CDbBU4_xCh7eyU90SDFtWQ/ […]

Some geo stats so far.

Hello all, Fascinating to follow the stats for the trailer. Great with the high numbers but whats more interesting is to see the geostats and trying to imagine the person sitting in from of the screen. Here it is as it looks now.

To the press!

To the press: Important! When writing about the Ambiancé trailer please mention the actors Stina Pehrsdotter & Niclas Hallberg who performs in the Trailer and German composer Martin Juhls who provided the exclusive soundtrack. Without any of them there wouldn’t be a trailer. Thanks. Ambiancé – the short Trailer Year: 2016 Duration: 7 hours 20 minutes in one take/no cuts. Film: […]

Media and writings recently on Ambiancé.,szwedzki-artysta-zamierza-zrobic-film-ktory-bedzie-trwal-30-dni-po-premierze-zniszczy-wszystkie-oryginaly

Nice article in N-Magazine

If you fly with Norwegian this month you are going to find this well designed article in the N Magazine. They even calculated how many hours I needed to work to finish the film and came up with with a total of 14.400 working hours. I don’t count but now seeing that I realize it´s […]

More Buzz.!Bk3AnsYFtl5qNE0__8tMMw/,44380650e4118410VgnVCM20000099cceb0aRCRD.html—720-timmar(4419448).gm