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Ambiancé print 38. February. Ambiancé 38 February 2017 This is a print taken from hour 231. This is a photographic print from the 720 hour long film. After the one time screening of the full 720 hour ”Ambiancé” the film will be deleted. Nothing will be be kept. The only thing that will remain except the memories is the prints from […]

Ambiancé listed as one of 10 Great Movies That Push Cinematic Form to The Extreme.

Ambiancé is listed on Taste of Cinema as one of 10 Great Movies That Push Cinematic Form to The Extreme Read more :   By GABRIELE MANFREDI Emile Cioran used to say that “form” is the only thing that matters in artwork, because it is the way in which the art manifests itself to whoever is experiencing […]

I don’t change things.

Hello everyone. The stats for the trailer is crazy. Right now after 7 days. loads 767,305 views 179,991 Ok numbers for a funny cat or a new Bieber remix but for a 7 hour, b&w and blurry artfilm that must be extreme. Amazing to realize that so many people who perhaps never have seen something […]

Youtube channel.

Youtubers. I need 100 subscriptions to be able to get a custom channel name for the ambiance channel instad of UCRcYM0Fc6dgazxbVpZBG9Ew. You would do me a great favor if you would like to subscribe. Need 16 more. You can always unsubscribe later if you don’t find it interesting. Thanks.

One night in Sydney November 12. Ambiance presentation/screening at UTS. See you there?

I’ve been invited to Sydney, Australia to screen the 72 minute teaser and present the project. November 12. Text from the facebook event: Artist and Filmmaker is at UTS for one night only, via Sweden, to introduce his feature length teaser for AMBIANCÉ – The longest film in the world. Weberg will introduce his […]

My studio space.

I got a few questions about my studio setup. For many years I had a big 300m2 studio space with green screens and lots of room for all the unnecesary you can think of. I left that and now I prefer working with just only the tools I need to do the work. So much […]

The teaser is now offline.

The teaser is now not available anymore. It was decided before and part of the plan. To release it on the day six months after my son died and also to take it down on July 20 and that because of the numbers of course. Next trailer with the duration of 7,2 hours will be […]

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