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Monthly Archives: januari 2016

Shooting script for the trailer and a black horse.

This is the full script for the 7 hours and 20 minute long trailer filmed in one take. One page. The black horse is the first thing we found on the beach when we arrived and since it’s the same beach where Bergman filmed the chess scenes from the Seventh Seal we took that as […]

Excerpt II from the 7 hour trailer published.

Excerpt two On October 31 the first short 7 hour and 20 minute trailer was filmed at Hovs Hallar in the south of Sweden. This is the same location Ingmar Bergman used for the iconic scene where Antonius Block challenges the grim reaper to a game of chess in the Seventh Seal from 1957 — […]

Media and writings recently on Ambiancé.,szwedzki-artysta-zamierza-zrobic-film-ktory-bedzie-trwal-30-dni-po-premierze-zniszczy-wszystkie-oryginaly

Ambiancé Print 25 – January

Ambiancé 25. January 2016 This is a photographic print from the longest film ever made. After the one time screening of the full 720 hour ”Ambiancé” the film will be deleted. Nothing will be be kept. The only thing that will remain except the memories is the prints from the film. Each month up until […]