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Monthly Archives: september 2014

Last day to get this print ever.

Last day to get this special print ever. Only for sale september 2014 and then the original is deleted. This one is very dear to me since it’s taking from the trip back after I saw my son alive for the last time. This was the week before he died. After the film Ambiancé – […]

Sending the print #8 August.

Signing and packaging the Ambiancé print #8 from August to the buyers around the world. Thank you everyone for helping me finance this project. You really make a difference. The September print #9 is here.

Nice article in N-Magazine

If you fly with Norwegian this month you are going to find this well designed article in the N Magazine. They even calculated how many hours I needed to work to finish the film and came up with with a total of 14.400 working hours. I don’t count but now seeing that I realize it´s […]

Ambiancé Print 9 – September 2014

  Ambiancé 9. This is a photographic print from the longest film ever made. After the one time screening of the full 720 hour ”Ambiancé” the film will be deleted. Nothing will be be kept. The only thing that will remain except the memories is the prints from the film. Each month up until […]