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Monthly Archives: mars 2014

The teaser trailer screening at Videoformes, France

The room was packed. I was invited to be there and present the teaser but got sick and couldn’t be there. Reaction in an email. Saw the teaser from Ambiancé at Vidéoformes yesterday ! You gave material to a very specific experience, made of poetry and fantasizing language. Remarkable artwork !

Ambiancé teaser at Videoformes.

The 71 minute teaser will be screened at Videoformes in Clermont Ferrand, France. Full program here: PROGRAMME VIDEOFORMES 2014   / FESTIVAL VIDEOFORMES 2014 19>22.03 / CLERMONT-FD (FRANCE) // Screenings / Projections // Performances – Nuit des Arts Electroniques // Round tables / Tables rondes  SCREENINGS / PROJECTIONS 20>22.03 PRIX VIDEOFORMES 2014 / FOCUS PROGRAMS / VIDEO LOUNGE PRIX VIDEOFORMES 2014 – 9 programmes – […]